Global Acme IT Solutions (GAITS) is a Limited Liability Company based in Kuwait focusing on resilient markets. Since its establishment, GAITS has sketched a plan to be a Complete Service Provider of IT Solutions and Educational Systems. GAITS provides End-To-End Solutions in IT Services, Training, and Consultation. GAITS offers Business Process Management (BPM), Business Process Re-engineering, IT Governance, e-Learning, and e-Management consultations.


At Global Acme IT Solutions (GAITS), we aim to bring the latest technology to our region. Our ultimate target is to improve the performance of local companies by providing customized as per the local market requirements, reliable software and voice-enabling technology, and advanced security and monitoring systems. It is our goal to offer our clients a valuable long-term business partnership. We go beyond looking at immediate problems by asking the appropriate questions to help customers plan for the future. GAITS understands that a strategic plan combined with a pragmatic mindset is required for a business to remain competitive. 

Our Approach

At Global ACME IT Solutions, we care about our customers. Their needs are where we start. Whether developing solutions or delivering consultations, GAITS's different teams concentrate on understanding customers' requirements, selecting the right products for the job, managing the project, and providing service and support.

Our approach is to monitor requirements, enhance functionality within the project scope, and provide the best solution. GAITS has an efficient development process and concentration of complete services and customization to provide a higher-quality product. Listening to our client's needs is essential to the evaluation process. Our professional team and our principals' constant support and international partners sincerely care about helping our clients fulfill their business goals by looking at the "big picture."