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Advanced Management Systems

GAITS aspires to be one of the leading providers of advanced management solutions, as described below. These advanced management systems offer for big companies and corporations a solution to develop their in-house systems.

Training Management System

A Training Management System is an integrated system that maintains all necessary information to provide quality records, defines training requirements, and reports on the training needs of an employee in the organization. The main advantages of a TMS are the ability to produce employee training records on demand, the ability to generate "Training Needed" reports by Employee, by Specification, and by Department, the ability to maintain and print Job Profiles with training requirements, and ability to View, Print or Email any Report. The system also manages revisional training and annual certification training.

Budget Planning System

The Budget Planning System (BPS) is designed to streamline the company’s budget process and enable it to compete effectively for a budget that would support its programs and goals. It also provides an automated mechanism by which the budget funds received can be allocated to different departments or specific projects. This enables the company to maintain accountability for when and how allocated funds are spent, and allows the organization to measure the overall success of a project and determine whether future funding should be requested or shifted to other more cost-effective projects.