Global Acme IT Solutions (GAITS) is a Limited Liability Company based in Kuwait focusing on resilient markets. Since its establishment, GAITS  has sketched a plan on how to be a Complete Service Provider of IT Solutions and Educational System. GAITS provides End-To-End Solutions in the field of IT Services, Training and Consultation. GAITS offers consultations related to Business Process Management (BPM), Business Process Re-engineering, IT Governance, e-Learning and e-Management. These end-to-end solutions results in a positive return on investment and gives a competitive edge in their industry and business. In addition, GAITS offers a wide range of software solutions, both ready made and customized software for all the business sectors such as Stores and Inventory Management, Food Industries, Medical Companies, Hotels and Restaurants, Financial Institutes, Educational Institutes, Manufacturing and Industrial Units, Communication Industries, Investment Companies, all types of Showrooms etc.