Performance Management

GAITS provides an integrated platform that offers a professional web-based performance management, test designer, and question bank management system. It is designed to facilitate easy and customizable online testing for various purposes, including business assessments, training evaluations, and educational quizzes.

Some key features and benefits of GAITS include:

Test Designer: GAITS provides a user-friendly interface allowing users to create tests and quizzes easily. The test designer enables the creation of different question types, such as multiple-choice, true/false, fill-in-the-blanks, and more. Users can customize their tests' layout, design, and organization according to their specific needs.

Question Bank Management: GAITS includes a question bank where users can store and manage their questions for future use. The question bank allows users to categorize questions, tag them with keywords, and search for specific questions when creating new tests. This feature streamlines the test creation process and allows for efficient question management.

Online Testing Solution: With GAITS, tests, and quizzes can be conducted online, eliminating the need for paper-based assessments. Participants can access the tests through a web-based interface, and their responses are automatically recorded and saved in the system. This saves time and effort typically spent on grading and paperwork.

Instant Grading: Tests and quizzes created with GAITS are graded instantly. When participants submit their responses, the system automatically evaluates their answers and generates results. This feature provides immediate feedback to participants and eliminates the need for manual grading, saving hours of administrative work.

Customizability: GAITS offers customization options to adapt the testing solution to specific requirements. Users can tailor the appearance and branding of the tests to align with their organization's or institution's branding. Additionally, the system allows for multimedia elements, such as images and videos, in test questions to enhance the testing experience.